Video: PEARL iZUMi – Built with Mosaic Cycles

A builder focused on a rider’s perspective. What is the experience of being a cyclist combined with design and engineering? A custom builder in Boulder, Colo., who believes there is nothing to not love about riding bicycles.

To celebrate handmade work of the cycling realm, we partnered with visual documentarian Justin Balog, to highlight some unique bike builders who, with their hands and their unique workshops, are making raw materials transform into the most fantastic adventure tools. We are well aware of the countless artisans worldwide, making these remarkable works of art. While we would love to share them all, we had to be a bit selective in sharing a few that riders might just now be discovering.

The fifth builder highlight is Mosaic Cycles. Aaron Barcheck believes the rider is the centerpiece of a custom bike build using primarily titanium and steel. He and his team work to balance the aesthetics and performance of a bicycle to make something beautiful and unique.

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