Video: Paying Back

For nearly 13 years H+I Adventures have been riding mountain bikes around the globe, pioneering new destinations, innovating and delivering a level of service that allows all who work for H+I Adventures to hold their heads high. We spend a lot of time ensuring our tours have as positive effect on the landscapes and communities we pass through, leaving as much money locally as possible and employing only local guides. And as part of this approach we spend a great deal of time building and maintaining trails all over the globe, and especially Scotland. Scotland is a unique and challenging place, requiring a special type of dedication and love of the environment to finish a hard summer of guiding, then pitch your tent up in the wilderness for a few days at a time to fix the trail damage sustained over the course of the previous tour or season. We followed our guide Chris back into the wilderness of Scotland for a few days to see how Chris is “PAYING BACK”.

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