Video: Morning

Video: Morning

Now this is how to start a wonderful day!

It’s a new century for Nikon imaging, and I’m super honored to be a part of it. The 101-year-old company has announced what I consider to be one of the most remarkable imaging devices on the planet, the Nikon Z7. Along with its companion, the Nikon Z6, these cameras mark Nikon’s debut in the world of full-frame mirrorless cameras.

I was given wide latitude with the opportunity to create a short film using the new Nikon Z7, and the result is a film I’m calling “Morning.”

The concept of this film was born out of the idea that so many of us really try to make our mornings count. Whether we’re writers or artists using those early hours to tap into our creativity, or we’re parents or spouses who are trying to make the first moments of our day really count, mornings are a sacred time of day.

Many of us use those first hours of the day to go for a ski tour, bouldering, hit the gym, do yoga, or meditate. For me, when I’m lucky and not on a deadline, I like to take my mountain bike out for a ride on the trails surrounding Lake Tahoe.

I thought that shooting a mountain-biking film in my backyard would be the ideal scenario. And it was fitting because during the short window of time I was given to create this film, mornings ended up being the only time of day I actually had to shoot!

We worked with Kyle Smaine, an incredibly talented local athlete who is a world-class freeskier, and can also ride a mountain bike like no one else.

We shot Kyle tearing across a handful of my favorite trails and sections of granite in the Lake Tahoe basin.

The Big Picture
This isn’t just a new camera with a new mount that’s mirrorless and shoots silent. It’s a new and better tool in an ecosystem that I’m already using and love.

The idea that I can continue to use all my favorite Nikkor lenses, but shoot higher-quality video with my eye pressed to the electronic viewfinder, take advantage of the autofocus capabilities, and produce higher-quality images all in a smaller form factor means that I might just be one of the most excited guys around after today’s big announcement.

Thanks and More Soon…
Thank you, first and foremost, to Nikon for the opportunity to represent your company as an Ambassador and to be given the opportunity to flex my creativity using the best tools on the planet.
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