Video: Easton Rollout: Headstrong – Amity Rockwell

Heading into the last event of Easton Overland’s 2019 season, Peloton Gravel Mob, we are excited to release Easton Rollout: Headstrong.

We sat down with Amity Rockwell during her trip to Vancouver, BC to talk about what it means to call yourself a professional athlete, how pursuing her true interests created direction in her life, and what stubbornness in the face of the unknown can do to drive you forward.

We’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to explore the ideas around personal and professional growth, the emergence of high-level gravel events, and the continued reach for women’s parity while on the road with Amity during the 2019 season. There’s always more to share; please find a link to our Easton Cycling blog post here:

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