Video: Bombtrack Bikes Takes On the Tuscany Trail

This is a great video from Bombtrack on the Tuscany Trail.

The Tuscany Trail, an event that has grown to be one of the biggest bikepacking events certainly in Europe if not internationally, was to be the destination for the Bombtrack team trip in June, 2019. The promise of sunshine, the beautiful Tuscan scenery and good friends lured us to this spectacular gathering of like minded cyclists. The route encapsulates UNESCO world heritage sights, Roman buildings from before Christ and towns that feel like you’ve jumped at least 1000 years back in time. These amazing centres of culture are surrounded by twisting vineyards, endless olive groves and many ‘rolling’ hills (hint, they’re not!). Mixed with the amazing local cuisine, having public water fountains to refill spread all over and the steady pace of life made for an ideal bikepacking destination.Ten of us packed our gear and converged from across Europe on the registration point in Massa eager to see familiar faces, meet many new ones, hear their stories, share a laugh or two and join the esprit de corps that the event is renown for.

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