Video: 2018 CrossFit Games Crit1 min read


  • When they start with an explainer on how road bikes are different than MTBs, you know it’s going to be good.
  • They all look the same, are they clones?
  • 2:06 minutes in ‘top speed of 25mph!’
  • Lets explain how these elite athletes are going to have to navigate cracks in the asphalt.
  • At 8:55 is that Froome?
  • Rough 8 mph corner crash at 14:40

What a journey. Gotta love CrossFit though, what if I did a whole bunch of specialized sports at 40% of an actual athletes potential and called the sum of them a 110% sport? Did a single one of these Chadingtons do a bit of research? “I’m gonna sprint for the lead on lap 3/12 bros!”

More entertainment needed? Good news, the women’s ELITE CRIT is every bit as insane.

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