Velocio’s UNITY 2023 Jersey: Promoting Mental Health Awareness and Support Through Cycling Apparel

Velocio, a renowned cycling apparel brand, has announced the release of their 2023 UNITY special-edition jersey, designed to raise awareness and support for mental health initiatives around the globe. Recognizing the challenges people face when taking the first step towards addressing mental health, Velocio’s UNITY 2023 jersey embodies the complex and circuitous journey each individual experiences in life.

Available for pre-order now through May 14, 2023, at, the 2023 UNITY jersey is expected to be delivered in mid-summer. With 100% of the jersey profits supporting mental health-focused non-profit partners, customers can choose between NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Health based in the United States, or the WHO European Framework for Action on Mental Health based in Europe during checkout.

The UNITY 2023 jersey design captures the essence of mental health challenges, acknowledging that life can be messy, and the paths we take are rarely straight. The color, texture, and light in our lives symbolize the connections and community that provide support and solidarity as we navigate our mental health journeys.

Built on the foundation of Velocio’s highly-regarded Signature Jersey, the UNITY 2023 SE offers an exceptionally functional reminder to keep moving forward. The campaign not only supports those struggling with mental health but also promotes the importance of unity and connection in overcoming life’s challenges.

For more information about the UNITY 2023 jersey, visit

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