Velocio Relaunches Renewed Program: Sustainable Cycling Apparel with New Trade-In Option

Discover Velocio Renewed, offering reconditioned cycling apparel with a new trade-in option. Save money and the planet with sustainable cycling gear.

Velocio Relaunches Renewed Program: Sustainable Cycling Apparel with New Trade-In Option

Velocio, renowned for its performance cycling apparel, proudly announces the relaunch of Velocio Renewed. This revamped program now includes a new trade-in option and features a fresh collection of revived, repurposed, and reconditioned cycling apparel ready for another ride.

Why Choose Secondhand?

Buying secondhand cycling apparel from Velocio not only saves money but also significantly reduces environmental impact. The production of new clothing consumes vast amounts of natural resources. Opting for a used item cuts its carbon, waste, and water footprint by an impressive 82%, aligning with Velocio’s mission for a more sustainable riding experience.

The Evolution of Velocio Renewed

Initially launched in August 2021, Velocio Renewed aimed to extend the life of cycling apparel, divert waste from landfills, and offer more choices to customers. Today, with the relaunch, Velocio has partnered with Tersus Solutions for cleaning and repair, and Archive as the resale service provider. These collaborations introduce a new trade-in option, a dedicated website, and an expanded inventory of renewed cycling gear.

Sarah Leishman, Velocio’s general manager, emphasizes the brand’s continuous improvement: “We’re enhancing all aspects of the process and introducing a trade-in program to keep more apparel in use for longer.”

The Renewal Process

Products traded in for store credit or returned through Velocio’s Signature Guarantee and Returns program undergo a thorough renewal process. Items are inspected and sorted by Tersus Solutions, where most still have a significant lifespan left. Products that pass the inspection are cleaned and sanitized using Tersus’s advanced waterless cleaning technology. They are then repaired, if necessary, and undergo a final quality assurance check before being resold.

Peter Whitcomb, CEO of Tersus Solutions, highlights the synergy: “The quality of Velocio’s materials is ideal for our proprietary cleaning and repair technologies.”

The Role of Archive

Archive plays a crucial role in managing the marketplace and logistics technology for Velocio Renewed. Emily Gittins, CEO and co-founder of Archive, expresses pride in the partnership: “We’re excited to support the expansion of Velocio’s secondhand offerings with the new trade-in program.”

A Commitment to Sustainability

Velocio’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its approach to designing and producing high-quality cycling apparel. Since its inception in 2014, the brand has pushed for uncompromising apparel design, gender parity in cycling gear, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Velocio Renewed represents the next step in this commitment, ensuring that high-quality performance apparel can enjoy extended lifespans despite minor imperfections. By promoting secondhand purchases, Velocio continues to support a greener, more sustainable future for cycling enthusiasts.

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