USA Cycling releases details of Inclusion Conference

USA Cycling releases details of Inclusion Conference

The Conference will be held in Colorado Springs, CO with the initial support of industry leaders Specialized Bicycles, Canyon Bicycles, Allied Cycle Works, Trek Bikes, Skratch Labs, and the UCI.

(COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—11 MAY 2021)Sport should be open and welcome to all. Yet, recent discriminatory anti-transgender legislation in Arkansas and several other states where USA Cycling and UCI events are being held threatens access to sport. USA Cycling therefore believes it is absolutely necessary to bring the cycling industry together to address the issue of inclusion in cycling, and will be hosting a multi-day Cycling Industry Inclusion Conference in Colorado Springs (CO) in September 2021. To ensure this event is both inclusive and impactful, USA Cycling is working with The Inclusion Playbook, a highly influential and recognized sports impact consultancy, to organize and deliver the event.

The subject of inclusion in cycling events is a vital one to the integrity of the sport and USA Cycling wishes to reaffirm its official position that these laws directly contravene USA Cycling’s Transgender Inclusion Policy, as well as those of the UCI and IOC.

The Inclusion Conference will focus on four key underrepresented communities in cycling: BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Disabled athletes, and Women. Representatives of these communities will be invited to shape the Conference agenda and lead the conversations, presentations, and workshops during the Conference, while cycling industry members will be invited to attend as audience members – to listen and learn.

The Conference will aim to achieve the following:

  1. Provide voice, visibility and industry-wide accountability for underrepresented communities in cycling.
  2. Educate broader cycling industry on the importance of creating and fostering inclusive and safe spaces for ALL.
  3. Provide and disseminate examples of inclusion “Best Practices” for specific audience groups (e.g., brands, teams, event organizers).
  4. Establish cycling industry inclusion commitment.
  5. Shape and launch the Inclusion Coalition.

The Conference will be hosted by USA Cycling and funded through grants, financial donations and product donations from cycling industry partners. All funds raised will go directly towards the execution of the Conference, with any extra funds raised going to USA Cycling’s DEI efforts. The Conference will be free to attend in-person and live virtual attendance will be available.

“A key outcome of the DEI Conference will be the announcement of the Cycling Inclusion Coalition, a group of like-minded brands, companies, groups, and individuals committed to actively working to create and foster inclusive and safe spaces in cycling,” said USA Cycling president and CEO, Rob DeMartini. “A critical first responsibility for this group will be creating an LGBTQIA+ grassroots activation plan to be implemented and tested in Arkansas alongside the upcoming international cyclocross events in October 2021 and January 2022.”

DeMartini added that this grassroots active-engagement plan will involve activations before, during, and following these races, delivered in collaboration by relevant local organizations, state-wide groups, members of the cycling industry, and USA Cycling.

Once established, this plan will be replicated nationally for future cycling events and shared with other National Governing Bodies and event organizers to build upon in their local communities. This framework will empower local communities and amplify the efforts of inclusion-oriented groups and organizations to combat legislation that discriminates against any members of the cycling community.

“The UCI commends USA Cycling for the organization of the future Inclusion Conference, and its strategic vision to ensure that diversity, equality and inclusion are raised at all levels within cycling in the USA”, praised UCI President David Lappartient. “As part of its new sustainability strategy, to be published in June 2021, the UCI will also be launching a series of strategic measures to ensure that the diversity of cycling is increased, respected and celebrated on a global level. The Inclusion Conference will be an opportunity for the UCI to unite its voice with USA Cycling in highlighting the importance of this issue.”


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