Unveiling the Ultimate Virtual Cycling Experience: Zwift's Spring-Summer 2023 Update

Unveiling the Ultimate Virtual Cycling Experience: Zwift's Spring-Summer 2023 Update

As the Northern Hemisphere embraces the warm weather, Zwift is gearing up to release a slew of exciting new in-game features throughout the summer. These updates are designed to enhance the overall riding experience, making every virtual ride more engaging and enjoyable.

Coffee Stop – Coming in May

We’ve all experienced it – realizing mid-ride that you’ve forgotten something crucial or desperately needing a bathroom break. Zwift has got you covered with the new Coffee Stop feature. This handy addition allows you to pause your ride for up to three minutes without losing your spot alongside your ride buddies, whether you’re in a meetup, a Pacer Group, or just freewheeling with other Zwifters.

To access Coffee Stop, simply choose the option from the Action Bar or Zwift Companion App. Your avatar will stay in sync with your group while you take care of business, and you’ll continue to accumulate distance and XP. Remember, your Coffee Stop is limited to three minutes, so make it quick!

Rider Teleport – Coming this summer

Zwift is introducing a game-changing feature that’ll revolutionize the way you ride with friends: Rider Teleport. Now, when a friend joins the same Zwift world, you can teleport directly to them and ride together, without having to stop your current activity. You can even teleport between RoboPacers, easily switching from an easy-going group to a more challenging one.

To initiate a teleport, open your action bar while riding, and select the teleport option. Keep in mind that you won’t get distance credit or XP for the distance covered while teleporting, and teleporting is disabled during events and races.

Action Bar Update – Coming this summer

Get ready for a revamped Action Bar! The layout and functions have been upgraded, with actions neatly organized into user-friendly submenus. From expressing yourself with emotes to teleporting to other riders or RoboPacers, the updated Action Bar makes accessing your favorite features a breeze.

Climb Portal – Coming this summer

Zwift is adding two new climbing portals in Watopia and France, allowing you to experience handpicked real-world climbs, complete with steep inclines and winding switchbacks. These portals offer a unique visual experience and can be accessed during free rides in Watopia and France.

Keep Everyone Together – Coming this summer

Activating Keep Everyone Together in club events makes it easy for Zwifters to organize no-drop rides for their clubs. This popular feature allows participants to stay united, regardless of their power output.

Player Highlight – Coming this summer

The Player Highlight feature makes it simple to spot your avatar, locate friends, and identify ride leaders in the virtual world. A radiant halo surrounds your avatar, those of the Zwifters you follow, and ride leaders, making it easier to navigate dense packs.

As we eagerly anticipate these summer updates, it’s clear that Zwift is committed to enhancing the indoor cycling experience for its community. Stay tuned for these features as they roll out, and be sure to share your thoughts and feedback. Happy riding!