Unveiling the Moots Routt CRD: A Revolution in Gravel Race Bikes

Unveiling the Moots Routt CRD: A Revolution in Gravel Race Bikes

Steamboat Springs, well-known for its titanium bike builders, houses the prominent Moots Cycles. In the world of cycling, innovation, and performance are keys to success, and today, Moots is making headlines with the launch of its brand-new gravel race machine: the Routt CRD (Complete Race Design). It’s a bike created for those who ride with one goal in mind—speed. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking creation.

Section 1: The Routt CRD – A Closer Look

Built for Speed

The Routt CRD is not just another bike in the Moots line; it’s designed explicitly for speed. With a performance-focused chassis and integrated cable routing for cleaner lines, this bike embodies pure velocity. The design is optimized around 40-42c tires while offering ample clearance, making it the perfect racing companion.

Light and Efficient

Utilizing lighter tubing in both the seat stays and the top tube, the Routt CRD aims to isolate the rider for all-day comfort, without compromising on power delivery. The efficiency around the bottom bracket and rear dropouts is a testament to Moots’ decade-long experience in crafting gravel machines.

3D-Printed Dropouts and Brake Mount

In a forward-thinking approach, Moots has updated the 3D-printed dropouts and brake mount. This innovation ensures the back end of the Routt CRD aligns precisely, enhancing quick acceleration and tracking, even over the roughest terrains.

Core Components

Utilizing the RSL (Race Super Light) tube set and T47 bottom bracket, the Routt CRD is constructed to provide a stiff and light platform, compatible with wide groupsets.

Section 2: The Complete Race Design

Front and Back Compatibility

The Routt CRD introduces UDH compatibility for current and next-gen groupsets, sporting an all-new integrated cockpit called Moots Own Design (MOD).

A Gravel Race Pioneer

With its gravel race tendencies, all-day comfort, and long-term durability, the Routt CRD emerges as the pinnacle of the Routt family of gravel bikes. It integrates all these qualities into a single package that defines Complete Race Design.

Section 3: Routt CRD Build Options and Retail

Moots is offering the Routt CRD in several configurations, catering to various needs and budgets:

  1. Peloton: $11,999
  2. Peloton 1x: $13,999
  3. Podium: $15,549
  4. Frameset: $8,888

Each build offers unique features and components to enhance your cycling experience.

Section 4: MOD Components

Moots introduces the MOD (Moots Own Design) component line, currently exclusive to Moots bikes:

  • MOD Stems: Available in various sizes, with wide compatibility and a weight of 200g for a 90mm stem.
  • MOD Handlebar: Offering different widths and specifications, weighing 227g at 44cm.
  • MOD Gravel Fork: This versatile fork includes clearance for a 50c+ tire, fully internal brake hose routing, and weighs 584g with additional components.


The new Moots Routt CRD is not merely a bike; it’s a revolution in the realm of gravel race machines. From its performance-focused design to the integration of modern technology, it reflects a commitment to excellence that only a company like Moots can provide.

Whether you’re a professional cyclist aiming for victory or an enthusiast looking for the ultimate ride, the Routt CRD has something to offer. It’s a statement of speed, comfort, and innovation – a complete race design that stands out in today’s competitive cycling landscape.