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Ultra-Endurance Cycling goes Virtual with Bandók Virtual Events

Bandók virtual events are an exciting new way to participate in and follow ultra-endurance events from anywhere in the world. Athletes can take on the challenge from home either riding an indoor trainer or riding outside. Each athlete is represented by a “dot” on the event map.

How does it work?

First, you must have a Strava account to participate. As you publish your rides (indoor or out), your ‘dot’ will move across the virtual map. Bandók Virtual Events is offering virtual versions of some of the most iconic events around, including the Tour Divide. For most of the events, every mile you ride will equal a mile in the virtual event. For events like the Everest Challenge, though, it’ll be based purely on elevation gain. All the races are free to participate in.

There are currently three starts scheduled:  Tour Divide  (June 12),  Trans Am Bike Race  (June 6), and  Cross Washington  (May 17th).

Go to  to register.

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