Two Amateur Riders Refuse Hidden Motor Check and Flee Race

According to a report in Gazzetta dello Sport, two riders at an Italian amateur race fled after refusing to have their bikes checked for hidden motors.

“The riders were angry because Fantin and another were kept an eye on for a long time because they were accused of using a rigged bike,” said Lorenzo De Luca, president of the race organisation. “At the end of the race we stopped the two and asked to check their bikes. They refused.”

“These two jumped quickly in the van and, although the other cyclists had done everything to keep them, so as not to let them go, they fled just before the arrival of the [police],” De Luca said. “It’s a shame, but we, as organizers, couldn’t do more than that, even if you could see that there was a button on the handlebar.

One of the competitors who fled, Alessandro Fantin, had finished eighth in the race. Guess he needs a bigger motor

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