Triple Bypass Returns, Adds 75 & 30-mile events1 min read

Colorado’s Triple Bypass Bicycle Ride was canceled last year due to forest fires. For 2018, the ride returns with two new routes: a 75- and 30-mile version. The shorter routes should attract riders intimidated by the traditional 120-mile route from Bergen Park to Vail. A route that covers three of the state’s most challenging mountain passes: Squaw Pass (11,140 €²), Loveland Pass (11,990 €²) and Vail Pass (10,560 €²).

The 75-mile version of the ride is dubbed the “double bypass” and removes Squaw Pass and starts in Idaho Springs. The 30-mile “single bypass” version starts at the Copper Mountain ski resort and heads over Vail Pass.

The 2018 event includes celebrity riders Robbie Ventura, Nelson Vails, and Tyler Hamilton.

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