TrainerRoad Announces Price Increase for Legacy Users

TrainerRoad Announces Price Increase for Legacy Users

It was just a matter of time, TrainerRoad CEO Nate Pearson has announced in a video and forum post that legacy members of the training platform will start paying more for their membership with the option to opt-out.

TrainerRoad has previously promised that legacy members prices would not be increased as long as he was CEO of TrainerRoad. However, he now says that the company has been “kneecapped by a promise [he] made back in 2010 [that he] didn’t fully understand the ramifications of”.

Back in 2010, Pearson promised beta users that they could lock in their prices and that price was just $7 per month, which some of us are still paying, while current members pay $19.95 per month. Side note, holy shit that was 12 years ago…

“Back then, I literally thought we’d have a total of 5,000 athletes, and we’d split 50k/month between a few people and be set for life! But TR ended up being a bit bigger than that, and we now have 92 employees!”

Nate Pearson

TrainerRoad New Pricing

TrainerRoad will set everyone to the same current price ($19.95/month or $189/year). But in a effort to keep his promise, Pearson is giving legacy members the option to opt out of the price increase or choose a 15% perpetual discount.

Legacy members will receive an email with the following options:

Do nothing: Pay the current TR price at your next billing period. This option will increase your membership to the current TR price, which is $19.95 per month or $189 per year.

Perpetual 15% discount: If you select this option, your membership price will increase but you will receive a 15% discount on the current TR membership price and any future price increases.

Opt-out: Stay on your legacy pricing. TrainerRoad is giving you the option to opt out of this price increase.

If you miss the TrainerRoad email and realize later that you are being charged $19.95 per month, you can still opt out of the price increase until February 1, 2024. The new price increase for legacy members will take effect on February 1, 2023.

Sales Tax Incoming

Starting on January 13, 2023, TrainerRoad will also begin charging sales tax in the US and Canada as required by law. This will be based on your location and will be applied automatically. Legacy members can’t opt out on this one.