Time Releases Cyclo Pedal for Gravel Cycling

Time Releases Cyclo Pedal for Gravel Cycling

Time’s new Cyclo pedals combine the stability of a wide road cycling pedal platform with the mud clearance and walk-ability of a mountain bike pedal and clear system. Designed with gravel and touring riders in mind, the Cyclo pedal system has the potential to be the best gravel-specific pedal on the market.

From Time themselves:

Our newest road pedal line, Cyclo, offers the ease of entry of Xpresso with the two-hole cleat pattern of mountain pedals. With this combination, a rider can use mountain bike shoes and have the performance features of a road pedal. Great for gravel riding, Grand Fondos, and Cyclo tourism.

A Pedal Designed for Gravel Cyclists & Bikepackers

The practice of cyclotourism has existed for many years. Cyclists had to choose MTB pedals or unsuitable road pedals which made walking difficult. At the same time, with the growth of Gravel bikes, cyclists who practice this discipline have a need for lightness, performance and a large surface area, while having the opportunity to walk with the cleats. That’s why TIME has developed a pedal completely dedicated to these practices and the need of these users. With these new pedals, a cyclist can now ride and walk with their mountain bike shoes, while having a powerful pedal to accompany them throughout their outings.

I-Clic Technology

The I-CLIC technology is a patent developed by TIME in 2011. This interlocking system ensures that our road pedals are the easiest and fastest to hit the market. For the development of the new Cyclo-Gravel pedal, we developed a new I – Clic concept for use with MTB cleats, and thus deposited a new patent on the function I – Clic dedicated to MTB. This ensures speed and ease of single footwear.

The Lightest Pedal in its Class

With a carbon body, the CYCLO 10 is the lightest pedal in its class. It also has a large platform offering a very good power transfer and pedaling comfort.

Stainless Steel Platform

A stainless steel sheet is added to the platform of the pedals Cyclo 10 and 6 to strengthen the areas most stressed by the friction from the shoe.

Micro-Adjustable Tension

A secure connection with tight coupling and tension adjustment ensures great power transfer, support, and performance. A touring cyclist looking for an easy step-out could choose the low tension position whereas a racer would opt for the high tension to have more security in all conditions.