The Tour de France: Unchained Season 2 – An Unmissable Ride

Catch the gripping second season of "The Tour de France: Unchained" on Netflix. Get a closer look at the intense rivalries and emotional moments of the 2023 Tour.

The Tour de France: Unchained Season 2 – An Unmissable Ride

Season 2 of Netflix’s "The Tour de France: Unchained" promises to outdo its predecessor with even more drama, emotional moments, and behind-the-scenes action. According to La Parisien, the new season delves deeper into the highs and lows of the 2023 Tour de France, offering viewers a front-row seat to some of the most intense moments of the race.

Inside UAE Emirates: Pogacar vs. Vingegaard

This season, Tadej Pogacar’s UAE Emirates team grants unprecedented access, showcasing the fierce rivalry between the Slovenian sensation and Jonas Vingegaard. The behind-the-scenes footage offers a raw look at the strategies and emotions driving these top cyclists.

Remembering Gino Mäder

The series opens with a poignant scene: Ben O’Connor of AG2R-Citroën reacting to the tragic news of his former teammate Gino Mäder’s fatal accident during the Tour de Suisse. “This death reminded us of our fragility,” O’Connor reflects, setting a solemn tone that underscores the perilous nature of professional cycling.

After a moment of silence led by race director Christian Prudhomme, Julian Alaphilippe shares, “We are nothing on Earth, even less on a bike. Just mentioning Gino gives me chills all over.”

Vingegaard’s Time Trial and Doping Suspicions

Jonas Vingegaard’s astonishing time trial performance in Combloux raises eyebrows and stirs controversy. “At some point, the truth comes out. I answered you,” Marc Madiot states, addressing the skepticism. Vingegaard himself asserts his innocence, declaring, “I am clean. Even in a hundred years, nothing will be found in my samples.”

Alaphilippe vs. Lefevere: A Public Feud

The strained relationship between Julian Alaphilippe and Soudal – Quick Step Manager Patrick Lefevere is another focal point. Lefevere’s criticism of Alaphilippe’s performance and salary comes to a head, with Alaphilippe candidly admitting, “You want the truth? I was crap on this Tour.” He adds, with a touch of humor, “How much am I paid? A bit too much for Patrick, I think!”

Internal Struggles at Ineos – Grenadiers

Drama also unfolds within Ineos – Grenadiers. With Rodríguez fourth overall and Pidcock in eighth by Stage 12, the team decides to support Rodríguez, much to Pidcock’s dismay. The resulting tensions and Pidcock’s defiance during the Grand Colombier stage are captured in gripping detail, showcasing the intense dynamics within the team.

Release Date and Availability

Don’t miss the second season of "The Tour de France: Unchained," available on Netflix in Canada starting June 11. With its blend of emotional storytelling, dramatic revelations, and insider access, this season is set to captivate cycling enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

Prepare for an exhilarating ride through the 2023 Tour de France – the triumphs, the trials, and everything in between.