The Specialized Recon ADV Shoes Have Piqued My Interest

The Specialized Recon ADV Shoes Have Piqued My Interest

Oh, look! Just released this week, the spanking new Specialized Recon ADV Shoes claim to provide all-day comfort both on and off the bike. They even seem to be a promising clipless option for bikepacking. Intrigued? Check them out here…

Meet the newest member of Specialized’s Recon family, the lace-up clipless wonder known as the Specialized Recon ADV. The brand believes that “riding in style is just as important as the actual ride,” and that’s the philosophy behind these all-day shoes. They’re designed for gravel escapades and off-the-bike adventures without sacrificing your pedaling prowess.

These Recon ADV beauties come with a standard two-bolt cleat pattern, a charming lace-up closure, and a TPU mudguard to keep you protected and durable. But wait, there’s more! Specialized has graciously provided some additional features:

  • STRIDE Toe-Flex Technology for impressive toe flex on steep inclines and better walkability
  • A laser-perforated upper with microfiber backing to manage moisture and keep you feeling fancy
  • A TPU mudguard that protects you from pesky stone strikes as you ride or hike confidently
  • Pontoons for a stable pedal platform and improved walking experience
  • An increased SlipNot rubber tread on the sole, optimized for gravel traction
  • The tried-and-true Body Geometry Technology, like the Varus Wedge, ensuring efficient and comfy hip, knee, and foot alignment while riding

The Specialized Recon ADV shoes come in Black, Taupe/Dark Moss Green, and Dusk/Purple Orchid and cost $225 USD. Head over to