The Rondo RUUT Gravel Bike With Adjustable Head Angle

There are various ways to adjust the geometry of your bike, this is definitely one of the more interesting ones. The Rondo RUUT features a “45 º flip chip” in the fork which allows riders to adjust the head angle and fork trail. You can slacken the head angle for rough riding or steepen it for race day. The Rondo RUUT is available in a variety of build kits and frame materials (aluminum, steel, titanium and carbon) and all of them come with the flip chip capability. The framsets ad Trintip 2.0 Fly carbon fork have plenty of bosses for racks, bags and fenders and the RUUT will fit a 700 x 50C or 650B x 2.0″ tire. A very capable and feature filled line up. More info at Rondo.

Video of the fork and flip chip in use below.

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