The Ritchey Ultra Looks Really Good in Honey Mustard

The Ritchey Ultra Looks Really Good in Honey Mustard

The Ultra already looked good, but this honey mustard colorway really seals the deal. Pretty slick ride for $999.

Decades ago, a trailblazer named Tom envisioned a bike capable of taming the wild trails. This inspired creation was christened the ‘Ultra’, a contraption that would leave a mark in the world of dirt biking. In a testament to the quality of Tom’s design, the Ultra still stands as a paragon of adventure biking, resonating with riders seeking a unique balance between cross-country capability and enduro performance.

The Ultra, designed in the 1980s, was an embodiment of Tom’s understanding of the dirt. Its appeal lay in its ability to provide specific ride characteristics that only a dirt guru like Tom could master. The latest iteration of the Ultra, launching over 30 years since its inception, carries forward this legacy. It promises the same enthusiasm for dirt-slaying, paired with modern technical enhancements.

The latest Ultra’s design builds upon its predecessor’s key attributes while offering the agility required by contemporary dirt bike enthusiasts. The 120mm travel fork is poised to handle rough terrains and big jumps. A critical improvement is the Boost 148 spacing, lending the bike an unbeatable stability that’s evident from the first ride.

Where the Ultra truly impresses, however, is its versatility. The bike’s wheel design permits riders to choose between 29″ and 27.5″ wheels. This allows for tailoring of the ride to individual preferences and trail requirements. Equip it with 29s, and the Ultra becomes a trail-smashing cross-country beast. Opt for 27.5+ wheels, and the bike transforms into a gnarly machine ready for all-mountain shredding.

Further enhancing its flexibility, the Ultra can accommodate a range of tire sizes, including 27.5 x 2.8 and 29 x 2.4. This ensures that no matter the terrain, your ride is equipped to handle it. Additionally, internal routing for a dropper post adds to the bike’s clean aesthetic while offering practical, performance-enhancing utility.

In conclusion, the reimagined Ultra seamlessly fuses the design philosophy that made it an icon in the 80s with modern biking tech advancements. Its versatile wheel and tire compatibility, combined with stability-enhancing features like the Boost 148 rear spacing, make it the perfect bike for cross-country and enduro riders alike. Its enduring design and relentless spirit ensure that the Ultra will continue to slay the dirt for another generation.