The Impossible Route: Death Valley (An EPIC Cycling Documentary)

The Impossible Route: Death Valley (An EPIC Cycling Documentary)

This is an awesome documentary. Two cyclists attempt a grueling 7-day expedition along the California Backcountry Discovery Route across the Mojave desert, a route previously only achieved by motorcycle!

The Impossible Route: Death Valley is a 7-day EPIC gravel cycling adventure over one of the hardest courses in the world. Two riders, Jeremiah Bishop and The Vegan Cyclist, attempt to ride bicycles along a well-established motorcycle course called “The California Backcountry Discovery Route (CABDR).

Using the Strava Route Builder (…​ ) the riders charted a 760-mile gravel course inspired by the CABDR. Their route starts in Yuma, Arizona, traverses the Mojave Desert and the heart of Death Valley, and finishes in the shadow of the Sierras. This course had never before been attempted on bicycles, Both JB and VC had to carry all their tools, food, and water from start to finish of each stage. Each day has its own unique hurdles to overcome, from cycling through sand to finding water. This film follows that story. This may be one of the most grueling weeks of gravel bicycle riding that has ever been captured on film. This is episode 1, season 2, of a cycling documentary series about finding the hardest multi-surface roads in the world.

Everyone has their own personal “impossible route.” It might be climbing a volcano or just finishing a single mile. The Impossible Route documentary series is all about capturing the story and the adventure of cyclists trying to accomplish what might be considered IMPOSSIBLE. This endeavor is not about racing; it’s about finding adventure, pushing the limit, and then going beyond what is thought to be possible.

The first Impossible Route expedition took place on Mauna Kea in 2020. There are four episodes planned for 2021. The ultimate goal is to grow this vision into a community for cyclists of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels who want to overcome THEIR Impossible Route.