The Groad to Kanza Ep 4: Ted King at the Belgian Waffle Ride

With 32 days til Kanza, Ted hits the road and goes clear across the country to test his form at the Belgian Waffle Ride. Ripping throughout San Diego County, Ted catches up with the traditional cadre of gravel rippers, but sees some new faces in the crowd. Pete Stetina, Eddie Anderson, Jamey Driscoll, Josh Berry, Justin Oien, and so many others are among folks toeing the line fresh from the top ranks of professional road racing. With fish tacos to In-and-Out burger, sunsets on the Pacific Ocean, it’s easy to slip into vacation mode but this BWR ups the ante with stiff competition as evidenced by the 2018 versus 2019 comparison chart at the end of this video for those who like to dig into numbers.

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