The Essential Companion for Sun-Exposed Cycling Routes: Ursa Major's Force Field SPF 30 Review

The Essential Companion for Sun-Exposed Cycling Routes: Ursa Major's Force Field SPF 30 Review

Alfred Wainwright once wrote – there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. The same principle can be applied to skincare. After all, our skin is subjected to everything the elements can throw at us, from UVA & UVB rays to environmental pollution and blue light. For us who spend countless hours on the saddle under the glaring sun, a reliable sunscreen is as indispensable as a well-fitted helmet. Ursa Major’s Force Field SPF 30 fits that bill, ticking all the boxes for a cyclist’s sun defense needs.

What sets Force Field SPF 30 apart from its counterparts is its comprehensive, full-spectrum protection. It’s like a hardy windbreaker against a harsh headwind – it shields from UV radiation, fights off the unseen harm of blue light, and even protects from airborne pollutants. And it does all this with a mineral-based formula, reinforcing your skin’s natural defenses.

But Ursa Major doesn’t stop there. The Force Field SPF 30 doubles as a daily moisturizer, thanks to natural ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate, leaving your skin comfortably hydrated even on long rides. There’s no unpleasant stickiness or greasiness here, which is a boon for all of us who find sunscreen application a chore. Instead, it melts into your skin like butter on hot toast, smooth and satisfying.

One particular pain point for cyclists and sunscreen has always been the dreaded white cast – that ghostly sheen that seems to shout to the world, “I’m wearing sunscreen!” Ursa Major addresses this with a formula that blends seamlessly into the skin. The disappearance act this sunscreen performs on application will delight cyclists of all skin tones.

There are those among us who’ve experienced the stinging eyes, the product of sweat mixed with poorly formulated sunscreens. Force Field’s light, non-irritating formula will put those days behind you. And if, like many cyclists, you find the stereotypical ‘beachy’ scent of most sunscreens off-putting, you’ll appreciate the fresh, clean scent of this one.

Most impressively, Ursa Major’s sunscreen improves your skin’s texture over time. Ingredients like Elfdoc Flower and Lingonberry Stem Cells boost your skin’s firmness and elasticity while reducing signs of aging such as fine lines, dark spots, and redness.

To conclude, Force Field SPF 30 delivers a punch that far exceeds its weight class, offering protection, hydration, and skin improvement. The lightweight, non-greasy texture, the lack of a white cast, and the smooth application make it a superior choice for cyclists. If you spend a significant amount of time cycling outdoors, make this your next purchase – your skin will thank you. And remember – no ride is too short for sun protection. Ursa Major’s Force Field SPF 30 is proof that the best defense is a good offense.