The Engine Inside: A Documentary on the Overlooked Potential of Bicycles

The Engine Inside: A Documentary on the Overlooked Potential of Bicycles

The upcoming feature-length documentary from Anthill Films, The Engine Inside, presented by Shimano, Pon.Bike, and PeopleForBikes, is set to premiere this summer, and it promises to showcase the incredible potential of bicycles in creating a better future for everyone.

Through the stories of six individuals from different parts of the world, The Engine Inside explores how this 200-year-old invention can be a solution to a range of global issues, including climate change, social justice, mental and physical health, safer cities, indigenous trauma, economic development, and women’s equality.

The documentary’s director, Darcy Wittenburg, emphasizes the urgency of the film’s message, as the world faces an unprecedented convergence of problems. She believes that bicycles hold the key to unlocking a simple solution to these challenges.

The Engine Inside aims to inspire cyclists to explore the world in a new way, to see beyond the physical and mental benefits of cycling, and to embrace the bicycle’s potential as a tool for change. Whether it’s commuting, road cycling, or mountain biking, the documentary reminds us that bicycles are not just a form of recreation, but a powerful vehicle for positive change.

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, The Engine Inside is a timely reminder of the importance of finding simple solutions to complex problems. The documentary highlights the power of individual action and the role that bicycles can play in creating a better world.

For cyclists looking to be inspired and informed, The Engine Inside is a must-see documentary. Its message is clear: hope lies in the simple act of riding our bikes.