The Destructive Power of the AR-15 and the Need for Honest Reporting on Motorist Violence

Finally, fucking finally. The Washington Post just published crime scene photos from 11 mass shootings that show just how destructive the AR-15 is. It’s about fucking time.

Now you might be wondering, why am I writing about this here? Well, for one, I’m done with guns in this country. I am not ok with children dying because people want to have toys and larp being in the military.

Second, I want this style of reporting to carry over to reporting on motorist violence. Show us kids killed by blunt nosed Escalades and let us start having a real conversation about why Chadington who works over in sales needs a Ram 3500 to go into his downtown office everyday.

Yes, this is *very* disturbing and upsetting. Good. It should be. Now go ask your gun toting and giant SUV driving friends, family and coworkers why they’re ok with it.

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