The Closure of GCN+: A Shift in Cycling Media Landscape

The Closure of GCN+: A Shift in Cycling Media Landscape

Another one bites the dust and the cycle continues. Cycling media succeeds, cycling media is bought, cycling media is shutdown.

In a somewhat expected turn of events for the cycling community, the Global Cycling Network’s streaming service, GCN+, is set to shut down on December 19, 2023. Launched in 2021 as a hub for exclusive cycling films, weekly shows, and live race coverage, GCN+ expanded on the success of RacePass, introduced in 2020. The decision, however, comes from Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), the parent company of GCN, as part of a larger strategy to consolidate its streaming services.

This move signifies a significant shift in how cycling content will be delivered and accessed globally. In Europe, GCN+ subscribers are being directed towards Discovery+, Eurosport, or Eurosport Extra for their cycling fix. For viewers outside Europe, the future remains uncertain as WBD reviews its content delivery strategy.

It’s crucial to note that the closure of GCN+ is not due to underperformance. Instead, it reflects the broader media landscape’s evolution, with conglomerates seeking to streamline and centralize their content offerings. This strategic move may be a harbinger of similar consolidations in the media industry, where niche services might be absorbed into larger platforms.

For existing GCN+ subscribers, there’s a silver lining: pro-rata refunds will be issued from the closure date onwards. This closure also raises questions about the impact on the cycling content landscape. GCN+ was known for its high-quality productions and extensive race coverage, and its absence leaves a gap that other services will need to fill.

Despite this setback, the Global Cycling Network assures its audience that their core operations, including their website and YouTube channel, will continue to flourish. They remain committed to producing and sharing high-quality cycling content, nurturing their global community of cycling enthusiasts.

This development is a reminder of the volatile nature of the streaming service market, where changes in corporate strategy can significantly impact content availability and consumer choice. The closure of GCN+ is a notable event in the cycling world and could be a bellwether for future trends in sports broadcasting and media consumption.

For detailed information on subscription cancellations, refunds, and where to watch cycling events post-GCN+, enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the GCN website and explore their comprehensive FAQ section.

As the landscape of cycling broadcasting changes, one thing remains constant: the passion for cycling. The community’s resilience and adaptability will undoubtedly see it through this transition, eagerly awaiting what new forms and platforms this beloved sport’s coverage will take next.