The Bkool Smart Air Pro Puts a New Twist on Direct Drive Smart Trainers

The sun only comes out during working hours and it’s cold out which means the joyous season of indoor training is upon us. In turn, that means it’s time for new  robot bike simulators to hit the market.

Today, a new direct drive smart trainer from Bkool. Not only does the Smart Air Pro look awesome but the design is purpose driven to offer a better ride  and  it  protects your bike in the process.

Most direct drive trainers support the bike from the bottom and the sides, the Smart Air suspends the bike from the top (similar to a wheel). That allows for the frame to incorporate at 6 ° side-to-side rocking mechanism. That allows for simulated ride feel both in and out of the saddle. It also reduces stress in the frame from torsion.

Specs wise the trainer is pretty impressive. The resistance unit is capable of up to 3,000 watts with a motor system that will simulate grades of up to 25% and speeds of 70kph. Power measurement is provided through an infrared sensor and claims to have a less than 2% margin of error. If you travel with your trainer, beware, the Smart Air Pro is heavy at 24kg (53lbs). ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart are on board an Bkool says the trainer is very quiet thanks to a new cooling system.


The price for the Smart Air is still TBA, it’s set start shipping in January.

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