The Best of April Fools' Day 2024

The best of the web on april fools' day 2024.

The Best of April Fools' Day 2024

Rene Herse Floating Chain

Jan Heine, head of R&D at Rene Herse Cycles, explained: “One-by drivetrains have simplified bicycle gearing, but it’s time to go a step further. Most cyclists need only three gears: one for uphills, one for flat roads, and one for downhills. The steps between these gears tend to be relatively large. Large steps between three gears are easiest to accommodate on the front, with a triple crank. So we’ve effectively turned the one-by around and put all the gears on the front.”

The Whatever Handlebar Bag: Ready for...Whatever

Razer Cthulhu | The Ultimate Gaming Chair

Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Mayo Toothpaste

Scotch Whisky by Scotch

Ratio Ovalsized Jockey Wheels

Take a Trip x Louis Vuitton Monogram Ziploc

Velo Orange Drillium Water Bottle