The Best Gifts for Cyclists 2022

Something to Read

Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs, brings together a body of work by photographer Michael Blann into a luxury coffee table book. Photographed over a period of 3 years the work charts the most famous European climbs within the history of cycling. Using a high definition camera and often working from helicopters, the images demonstrate the beauty of these mountains, through all seasons and during the Grand Tours when the mountains and roads are transformed with the sights and sounds of millions of fans.

Purchase here.

A Box of Stroopwafels

Delicious consumables to fuel all those winter base miles.

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A Fast Chain

Blending new age science with old-world technique, MSPEEDWAX delivers remarkable drive train efficiency and dirt repellency in the most demanding conditions. Using fully refined paraffin and North American mined WS2 and MoS2, our hot wax lubricant clings tenaciously to chains but not to hands, clothes, carpet or car. Say goodbye to constant drive train cleaning and chainring tattoos and hello to personal bests. Join the clean chain revolution by cooking up a batch and turn your drive train into a friction fighting street rod.

Purchase here.

Bike Bling

Tomii Cycles designs some of the most stunning and unique bicycle bling you can find.

Check them out here.

Flashy Socks

An unbelievably comfortable sock made of the finest materials that can also save you 4-8w. Sure, why not?

Purchase here.

Bone Conduction Headphones

These things are revolutionary. I love to listen to music when I train, but traditional headphones block out traffic sounds which is unsafe. With bone conduction headphones you get the best of both worlds, you can hear your music and you can hear everything around you.

Purchase here.

Fresh Gloves

I’m almost always in need of some new gloves. HANDUP gloves are comfy and have signature fun quips across the palms.

Purchase here.

A Sleek Bike Bell

Knog’s Oi Classic Bike Bell pretty much disappears on your handlebar and make a great ding for passing safely on the trail.

Purchase here.

Bike Cleaning Kit

A clean bike is a fast bike, plus it looks better.

Purchase here.

Essential Tools

Nicer than necessary, sure. Heirloom quality and functional, yes!

Purchase here.

Repair Stand

I put off buying a repair stand for years, once you have one you can’t imagine going back. A great gift for any cyclist that does some wrenching at home.

Purchase here.

A Clean Butt

Full backside rider protection from the knee and up and great graphics. A dry, clean butt can really make a ride more enjoyable.

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