The AUX Cage from Granite Design Puts a Water Bottle Just About Anywhere You Could Want One

I don’t normally need more than two bottles, but when I do it causes problems. Do I run a hydration pack? Sketchily strap one to a part of my bike? Buy a whole new bike with more mounts? Take the risk and run dry mid-race?

If you’ve been in the situation, you know the pain. Luckily, Granite Design has a solution with the new AUX cage and strap system.

The AUX kit includes a lightweight, side-loading cage that’s designed to work with tight-fit frames and is made from super-tough carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics with a stealthy matt finish. The Aux Strap Kit includes everything you need to attach the cage to almost any bike frame in almost any location. The Kit uses silicone coated hook-and-loop straps and grippy rubber pads for a rock-solid fit that won’t leave your bottle on the trails.

AUX Bottle Cage (Cage Only).

  • Side load design works with tight-fit suspension bikes
  • Weight:23g
  • Carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics composite
  • Bolt-on and strap-on options are supported
  • Stealth Matt finish
  • $20.99

AUX Bottle Cage with Strap Kit.

  • Includes AUX bottle cage and Strap Kit
  • Includes 2 sets of straps to fit tube diameter from 27.2 to 70mm outer diameter.
  • Silicone rubber pad cushioned between the cage and the frame for grip and protection
  • Silicone coated hook-and-loop straps provide tight grip for the cage.
  • $27.99

The AUX Cage and strap system is available now for $27.99 or as a stand-alone cage at $20.99 and can be purchased direct from

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