The All Bodies on Bikes Podcast is Feisty Media’s newest show celebrating joyful movement for all bodies.

The All Bodies on Bikes Podcast is Feisty Media’s newest show celebrating joyful movement for all bodies.

All Bodies on Bikes co-founder, Marley Blonsky, and cohost Maggie Lowe are collaborating with Feisty Media on a new podcast focused on providing content to foster a size-inclusive cycling community

Victoria, BC— January 19, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ –Feisty Media is releasing its 11th show, All Bodies on Bikes with Marley Blonsky and Maggie Lowe to explore the issues of size inclusion and body diversity in sport. Each episode of the show features engaging conversations with experts, activists, and everyday people who are working to break down the barriers that keep people of all sizes from living their best lives.

The show is centered around the foundational beliefs that all bodies are good bodies, all bikes are good bikes and all rides should be celebrated. The podcast will be used to invite listeners to come along for the ride.

From discussions on how to create more inclusive clothing options to the ways in which the media perpetuates harmful stereotypes about body size, “All Bodies on Bikes” will delve into the complex and often-ignored topic of size inclusion. The podcast has aspirations to question the status quo, inspire folks of all sizes and shapes to give cycling a try, and share some fun stories along the way. The podcast is not a fitness or weight loss podcast but is instead centered around promoting biking for joy, empowering riders based on their individual motivation, learning, and digging into the complexity while creating a space to call people in rather than out.

Co-host Marley Blonsky believes that it’s important to bring this conversation to the forefront of the cycling community:

“I am so excited to bring this conversation to life for so many reasons – to hopefully shed light on a topic we don’t talk about enough, to really dig into the challenges and potential solutions to getting all bodies onto bicycles, and to hopefully inspire more people to find joyful movement.”

Longtime fitness and cycling journalist Selene Yeager understands the importance of this conversation:

“For many years the cycling media was rooted in the idea that everyone should be–or at least want to be–one body type: lean, bordering on skinny. Everything from the clothes to the gear to the images in glossy magazines reflected that. If you didn’t fit the mold you were left out in the cold. It’s gotten better in recent years, but there’s still a long way to go. Marley is an important voice and much-needed trailblazer in this space.”

The show’s first episodes include conversations between co-hosts Maggie and Marley diving into their origin story, how All Bodies on Bikes came to life, and the realities of being a larger-bodied cyclist.

Future guests will range from a TikTok influencer spreading “radical bike propaganda” to bike industry professionals getting into the nitty gritty of weight limits on bike frames and components, to race organizers working towards more inclusive practices.

The podcast will launch this kickoff with a live recording on Sunday, January 22nd at 7:00pm EST with cohosts Marley Blonsky and Maggie Lowe who will be joined by All Bodies on Bike co-founder Kailey Kornhauser. You can join live on the Feisty Media YouTube channel:

The podcast will be available every Wednesday on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. Episodes will include a mix of interview-style and solo episodes approximately 45 to 60 minutes in length. Follow the podcast on Apple Podcasts here: