The 60 mph Bicycle! - Two Foot Bike

The 60 mph Bicycle! - Two Foot Bike

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The Two Foot Bike Project:

We are raising funds, using Kickstarter, to fund our Two Foot Bike company to begin to make the first prototype to race on CNN and get millions of orders to manufacture and sell an extraordinary bicycle technology that is three times faster and easier to pedal than any other bicycle in the World.

You are part of history in the making, by allowing this new two foot technology, to finally be prototyped and produced in large quantities, using engineering drawings and robotic manufacturing World-wide, to build, ship and sell bicycles to billions of people in the World, quickly. As an engineer and inventor, I have been in mass production technologies for a long time, but only for military subcontractor’s machine designs. Now I am doing this project for consumer products for the World markets, where almost everyone has had a bicycle, or many more than one, in their lives. This is a huge, huge market that touches everyone, wow! And I now have the best, easiest and fastest technology of all bikes! And with your funding, we will have the first prototypes.

This project and its new patented technology is my baby and I have fought long and hard for it and I have big plans for this project, to help change the World for the better of transportation, fun, exercise and good health.

My bicycling is my exercise, but as an inventor, I soon noticed that bicycles were slow and could only exercise one leg at a time and they could use a redesign since DaVinci designed them more than 600 years ago, to now use both legs at the same time, like a leg-press machine. But, with both legs a bicycle chain would snap in two. I can lift 600 pounds with both my legs in the leg-press when I was 17. So I figured that I needed something like a carjack, hydraulics, to lift 600 pounds, that’s it! And the two Foot Bike was born, hydraulic, pistons, for both feet at the same time.

Your funding will allow me to build the first prototype and lower the price of these bicycles to 600 dollars, by robotically producing them with mass production metal parts manufacturers World wide, but I needed your funding for the prototypes and then for the preorders for manufacture and sales by distributors, World wide quickly.

For each pledge, of a $100 dollars, I will deliver to you first when you order the bikes from us. One or more Two Foot Bikes, as soon as they are available from the mass production manufacturers, will be shipped to you first, as a buyer, so you can be the first in your town to show the World this far better technology in cycling, exercise, fun and excitement. Because as soon as you show it, everyone is going to want one. You will be famous with this bike in social media posts. Be the first in your town! Make history.

And your funding will finally make the prototype happen fast, for the Whole World.
Risks and challenges

Common risks and challenges of this project is the time it takes from when the funding comes in, to finally building the prototype and then mass production and shipping the bicycles out. I intend to reduce the time it takes to make the prototype parts to a few hours by using 3D printers that can now can print in metal, or rubber, from CAD drawings fed into a computer and 3D printers at the mass production Corporations. These prototype parts will serve as molds, and patterns, to mass produce any amount of mass produced parts in metal, or rubber, by the manufacturers. These are the procedures these mass production manufacturers World-wide now use, in their mass production machines, to reduce time to market, and get paid sooner, by building a guaranteed mass producible prototype.

Also the money will be placed in a trust by a lawyer and a Certified Public Accountant, to manage all funds, so there will be no problems with the money being misspent, or delaying payments to these manufacturers, and which will guarantee the financial success of our company and its future. We will have insurance and security to safeguard and provide the needed guarantees to our success. My great experience and business diploma from the State of Florida and the experience of others we will hire, will guarantee our success and make our pledges pleased with their part in making history. by making this first prototype possible.
Thanks for allowing this 3 times faster two foot technology to make history for mankind and for you every day you will use it soon, showing others, with the pride, that you made it happen.