Taco Bell and State Bicycle Co. Launch Exclusive "Ride 'n' Dine" Bike Collection

Taco Bell and State Bicycle Co. Launch Exclusive "Ride 'n' Dine" Bike Collection

Taco Bell is spicing up the cycling world by partnering with Arizona-based State Bicycle Co. to launch a limited edition range of custom bicycle accessories, gear, and apparel. Starting April 20, fans can experience the thrill of the ultimate Taco Bell-inspired ride with the specially designed “DGAF” Klunker bike and more, available exclusively on State Bicycle Co.’s website while supplies last.

The star of this mouth-watering collection is the State Bicycle Co. x Taco Bell Klunker Bike. This retro-inspired two-wheeler is a fusion of beach cruiser, mountain bike, and BMX, making it the perfect companion for a Taco Bell run. The Klunker simplifies modern cycling, focusing on capturing the nostalgia of childhood bike rides. Decked out in Taco Bell’s signature purple, pink, and yellow colors, and adorned with the iconic logo and “Live Más” mantra, this bike comes complete with a built-in bottle opener on the seat tube.

But wait, there’s more! With every Klunker Bike purchase, customers receive a free Taco Bell x State Bicycle Co. custom frame bag, while supplies last. This unique bag can also be purchased separately for $69.99.

The collection doesn’t end there. Cyclists can amp up their ride with Taco Bell-branded custom bike grips, bar ends, and Cravings Box-inspired packaging. Additionally, fans can choose from an array of Taco Bell-themed biking apparel, including a monogrammed kit, MTB t-shirt, and limited-edition handlebar bag to stash their favorite Taco Bell treats.

The Taco Bell x State Bicycle Co. collaboration marks the brand’s first foray into merging food and transportation, allowing fans to showcase their love for both companies while enjoying a truly unique and stylish cycling experience.

Check the collab out: (Taco Bell) (State Bicycle Co)