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Sufferfest Unveils the ‘future of indoor fitness tests’

Indoor virtual cycling training app  The Sufferfest, Wahoo’s fitness and training software wing, is currently testing a new fitness test dubbed the Half Monty. It’s their take on the ramp test many of us use to measure functional threshold power (FTP).

The ramp test is a popular alternative to the conventional 20-minute FTP test. According to The Sufferfest, the Half Monty is a revolutionary new version of the ramp test, which will give you three fitness benchmarks – FTP, maximal aerobic power (MAP), and lactate threshold heart rate (LTHR).

The Sufferfest also offers its own unique comprehensive fitness test, the Full Frontal, which is a hard series of exercises which gives you a measurements for all four key power groups – neuromuscular power, anaerobic capacity, maximal aerobic power and FTP.

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