Strava Replaces Premium with a New Tiered Subscription Service Called Strava Summit

How do you get more people to subscribe to Strava Premium? Apparently, you ditch it altogether and replace it with an à la carte version of the premium plan called Summit. The new plans allow  riders to choose what specific features they want (and pay for), or you can pay for  all  the features just like the current premium version.

While Summit will be replacing Strava Premium entirely, anyone who’s currently a Strava Premium member will retain access to all of their current features at the same price.

Strava Summit is split into three different packs; Safey, Training, and Analysis. You can choose to pay for just one of the three, or the whole pack – and you can choose to pay for them monthy, or ahead of time for the full year at a substantial discount. Each pack is available for $3 a month (or $24 a year) or all three can be bundled together for $8 a month (or $60 a year).


Training Pack:  

  • Custom Goals,
  • Training Plans
  • Filtered Leaderboards
  • Race Analysis
  • Live Performance Data
  • Pace Analysis

Safety Pack:

  • Beacon (share your location during activities)
  • Personal Heatmaps

Analysis Pack

  • Relative Effort
  • Workout Analysis
  • Live Segments
  • Heart Rate Analysis
  • Power Analysis
  • Fitness & Freshness

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