Stoked Spoke Adventure Series Ep. 3-BIPOC Night!!

Black, Indiginous, People of Color Night!

We are excited to be gearing up for what will be the seventh consecutive year of our Stoked Spoke Adventure Series! What? You’ve never heard of Stoked Spoke?? Well, that’s no surprise, because up until now, it’s been a local Seattle event to help us and our community stay stoked through the long, dark PNW winter.

What Is the Stoked Spoke Adventure Series? Traditionally it’s been a wildly popular series of monthly crowdsourced multimedia adventure presentations shared in front of a live audience at a local watering hole. Each night includes four to six presentations, at 5 to 15 minutes apiece, showcasing bike-camping adventures in a slideshow format with route maps, fun storytelling, and helpful planning info for the audience.

We are proud to be dedicating the February and March dates to adventure tales told exclusively by our FTW NB (Femme,Trans, Womyn, and Non-Binary) and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) friends! Too often these communities are excluded from the narrative of exploring and recreating outdoors, and we miss out on inspiring adventures from all those who roam. It’s high time the tide turns and we at Swift are committed to doing our part to amplify the voices of all people that explore and find themselves in the outdoors.

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