State Bicycle Co X RIPNDIP Collection: A Bold Fusion of Skateboarding and Cycling

State Bicycle Co X RIPNDIP Collection: A Bold Fusion of Skateboarding and Cycling

Brace yourself the latest from State Bicycle Co. isn’t for the faint of heart as they’ve joined forces with the cool cats at RIPNDIP to roll out a collection that’s nothing short of epic.

Imagine cruising the boulevard atop the SBC x RIPNDIP Core Line Single Speed Bike, adorned in a funky RIPNDIP cycling kit, with the cheeky F You Bar Bag as your companion. Or, if the call of the wild beckons, switch gears to the RipNDIP Klunker Bike, paired with an F You Klunker Frame Bag, and embrace the off-road skate vibes!

Introducing the State Bicycle Co X RIPNDIP Collection, where the audacity of skateboarding melds with the thrill of cycling to create a head-turning, wheel-spinning spectacle.

Here’s a preview of what awaits in this thrilling collaboration:

RIPNDIP “Lord Nermal” Core Line Bike: Set to become the cyclist’s crown jewel with its limited-edition, single-speed charm adorned with RIPNDIP’s playful Nermal cat graphics. Priced at $429.99, it’s a statement maker on wheels.

RIPNDIP Klunker Bike: The epitome of cool, this klunker caters to the laid-back rider who appreciates a casual jaunt with the chance to catch some air. The “FU” Edition (27.5″) is priced at $450.

F You Handlebar Tape: More than just a tape, it’s a bold statement on the road priced at $24.99.

FU Bar Bag and Klunker Frame Bag: Your go-to for stashing essentials while exploring the streets or trails, priced at $39.99 and $69.99 respectively.

RIPNDIP Cycling Kits: These kits are your ticket to flaunting a unique cycling persona. Whether it’s the Frida, Nermal Camo, or FU Jersey and Bibs, each kit is a declaration of your fearless and fun spirit. Prices range from $69.99 for a jersey to $149.99 for a jersey plus bibs combo.

Additional Accessories: From Nermal Saddles and Stem Cap to Nermal Bottles and Cages, these extras ensure you ride in comfort while exuding an unmatched style. Prices range from $11.99 to $39.99.

The State Bicycle Co. x RIPNDIP Collection is an open invitation to all cyclists – seasoned or newbies, to infuse a new wave of coolness into their riding adventures. Gear up to make heads turn and hearts race as you pedal through the streets sporting the freshest cycling kits and accessories from this collection.

And it doesn’t just end here! The collection is a gateway to immersing yourself into RIPNDIP’s audacious world. Born in Los Angeles, RIPNDIP is synonymous with streetwear that defies the norm. Their cat mascot and daring graphics have already shaken up the fashion sphere, and now it’s time for the cycling realm to experience this wave of audacious style.

So, are you ready to RIP and RIDE with the coolest collaboration this year has to offer? Keep it Nermal, keep it Rad, and traverse your state in the most stylish way possible.