State Bicycle Co. Unveils Beatles-Inspired Collection with Exclusive Limited Edition Bikes

State Bicycle Co. Unveils Beatles-Inspired Collection with Exclusive Limited Edition Bikes

State Bicycle Co., renowned for their unique collaborations and capsule collections, recently announced a Beatles-inspired collection. Noted for pairing with iconic brands, musicians, and artists, their latest creation is no exception. This time around, they’ve turned to the legendary music of the Beatles for inspiration.

The new collection features Beatles-themed cycling jerseys, tech tees, and two distinctive, limited-edition bikes, ensuring cyclists can hit the streets in style. These items draw from the vibrant visuals and lyrics of the Beatles’ album covers, delivering an exciting splash of nostalgia to the cycling world.

Among the apparel in the collection are innovative tech tees, priced at $59.99. The tees boast a comfortable t-shirt fit and feature ventilated sides to ensure you stay cool during those scorching summer rides. For added convenience, the tees come equipped with a rear pocket that includes a zipper.

The collection also includes a cycling jersey available for $69.99, complete with three rear pockets for ample storage. It offers a Euro/Race fit, premium zippers, and grippers on sleeves for that extra hold. Rounding out the clothing line is a timeless wool jersey, an epitome of class and comfort, priced at $79.99.

State Bicycle Co. takes this release to another level by presenting two Beatles-themed bikes. One is a limited edition “Yellow Submarine” Klunker, the perfect blend of a beach cruiser, mountain bike, and BMX. The $450 bike is simplicity personified with its gear-free design, comfortable upright seating position, and 27.5” wheels. The Klunker also comes with the option to add LED lights, pedal straps, a water bottle cage, and a bike lock.

Complementing the Klunker is the tasteful 4130 Road Bike, inspired by the Beatles’ “Abbey Road”. This $649 classic bike is designed for a smooth ride and wouldn’t look out of place if transported back to 1969. It stands out with an 8-speed down tube shifting, a Brooks leather saddle, a rear pannier rack, and clearance for 32c tires.

State Bicycle Co.’s Beatles collection is sure to turn heads and make a statement, blending the magic of music and the thrill of cycling. It is truly a love letter to all fans of the Beatles and cycling enthusiasts alike.

Take a ride down the long and winding road with this Beatles-themed collection, a perfect tribute to the timeless appeal of the Beatles and the joy of cycling.