State Bicycle Co. Unleashes Carbon All-Road, Redefining Accessibility and Performance in Gravel Biking

State Bicycle Co. Unleashes Carbon All-Road, Redefining Accessibility and Performance in Gravel Biking

State Bicycle Co., the renowned bicycle manufacturer, has made a significant splash in the gravel biking market with the launch of its innovative Carbon All-Road gravel bike. Following the successful release of their first carbon road frameset in January 2023, State Bicycle Co. is amplifying its impact in the industry by providing a premium carbon-fiber offering in the fastest-growing biking segment: gravel biking.

With an inclusive mindset, State Bicycle Co. has consistently expanded its product range, offering high-quality and affordable cycling gear across various biking disciplines. Their latest addition, the Carbon All-Road, is a versatile, efficient and durable gravel bike that caters to both recreational weekend riders and seasoned biking pros.

Designed with a meticulous approach, the Carbon All-Road reflects the team’s extensive research and development. This gravel bike presents an ultra-lightweight yet robust build, backed by the T800 carbon frame. A versatile option, it allows riders to choose between 650b and 700c wheelsets, ensuring optimal riding experience irrespective of the rider’s preference.

Adept at hanging tough in road rides or tackling trans-American bike-packing adventures, the Carbon All-Road has been thoroughly tested by the State Bicycle Co. team. Setting it apart are the multiple mounting points featured on the top tube, down tube, fork, and rear, making it adaptable to any riding adventure.

Another perk for cycling enthusiasts is the Carbon All-Road’s compatibility with the recently launched SRAM Apex AXS group, an electronic shifting groupset that enhances cycling efficiency. This upgrade is also available for the entire line of All-Road bikes, reflecting State Bicycle Co.’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art cycling experiences to its customers.

The Carbon All-Road, starting at $1999.99, is a perfect blend of affordability and high-end features, promising to be one of the best value propositions in the carbon gravel bike market. Additionally, it offers two stunning colorways, augmenting its already appealing features.

The Carbon All-Road’s unique construction from T800 carbon fiber optimizes weight and strength for superior performance on gravel surfaces. The inclusion of a dropped chainstay ensures agile performance on rugged terrains, while mudguard and pannier mounts increase adaptability and versatility.

The new offering allows riders to push the boundaries of what’s rideable and redefine their adventure experiences. With the launch of the Carbon All-Road, State Bicycle Co. is not just launching a new bike; they’re making a statement of intent to continue evolving and democratizing the world of cycling. Whether you’re setting out on a new adventure or simply wanting to upgrade your cycling experience, the Carbon All-Road promises a ride that will leave an indelible mark.