State Bicycle Co. All-Road Suspension Gravel Fork: Lightweight and Affordable Comfort for Gravel Biking

The State Bicycle Co. has introduced a game-changing product for gravel biking enthusiasts – the All-Road Suspension Gravel Fork (40mm). This lightweight, sleek fork, weighing just 1600g (uncut), is designed to provide 40mm of travel, ensuring a comfortable ride on rough terrains without sacrificing speed. The fork is priced at $450, making it an affordable choice for those looking to enhance their gravel biking experience.

The installation of this fork is straightforward, and it introduces a “slack” geometry which significantly improves stability, especially at high speeds. This feature is particularly beneficial when tackling downhill rides or navigating through technical descents. The fork is compatible with both 650B and 700C wheels, and can accommodate a maximum tire size of 2.3″. The material used is a combination of 6000 series and 7075 series alloy tubes with a 6000 series alloy steer tube, ensuring durability and strength.

One of the key benefits of this fork is its ability to absorb small bumps, which not only reduces rider fatigue but also enhances traction and control on uneven terrain. This is crucial for maintaining a smooth handling experience, reducing hand and arm fatigue, and boosting confidence during descents on gravel and mixed surfaces.

The All-Road Suspension Gravel Fork (40mm) comes with a flat mount brake adapter and hardware (excluding brake caliper hardware), a star-nut, and a thru axle. For current 4130 All-Road owners, an EC44/40 headset lower will be required.

This product is a part of State Bicycle Co.’s initiative to provide high-quality, affordable solutions for gravel biking enthusiasts. With its easy installation, enhanced comfort, and improved control on rough terrains, the All-Road Suspension Gravel Fork (40mm) is indeed a valuable addition to any gravel bike setup.

For more details, you can visit the product page.

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