Stardew Valley's Major Update 1.6: Expanding Horizons on the Farm!

Exciting news for Stardew Valley fans! Update 1.6 brings new festivals, expanded multiplayer, and fresh content to enrich your farming life. Get ready to explore!

Stardew Valley's Major Update 1.6: Expanding Horizons on the Farm!

Stardew Valley is such a great, relaxing game and it just keeps getting better! Get ready to mark your calendars because the game's beloved creator, Eric Barone (aka ConcernedApe), has just spilled the beans on the next major update. As we celebrate Stardew Valley's eighth anniversary, let's dive into what update 1.6 has in store for us, promising to enrich our farming adventures with fresh content and more ways to play together.

Big News for Stardew Valley Fans!

On a day that's already buzzing with excitement, ConcernedApe announced that update 1.6 will be landing on PC (Windows/macOS/Linux) on March 19th. And for those playing on console and mobile, don't fret! The update will follow “as soon as possible.” It's clear that the team is eager to roll out these new features across all platforms.

What's Coming in Update 1.6?

Thanks to a sneak peek shared last September, we've got a glimpse into some exciting additions:


  • Release Date: PC players get it on March 19th; console and mobile to follow.
  • New Festivals: One major and two mini-festivals to spice up the calendar.
  • Fresh Content: Including items, crafting recipes, and rewards for billboard quests.
  • Skills Expansion: Late-game content boosting the five skills: farming, fishing, mining, foraging, and combat.
  • Dialogue & Fashion: Over 100 new lines for villagers and trendy winter outfits.
  • Joja Twists: Alternatives for end-game quests and a mysterious new farm type.
  • Secrets & Surprises: Teases of frogs, new Warp Totems, a shady character, and more.
  • Multiplayer Boost: PC multiplayer support expands from four to eight players.

More Than Just an Update

It’s pretty amazing to see Stardew Valley continue to evolve nearly a decade after its initial release. This isn't just any update; it's a testament to the dedication of ConcernedApe and the love and support from the community. With new festivals to attend, secrets to uncover, and the ability to share the experience with even more friends, Stardew Valley continues to be a cozy, communal escape for players around the world.

And let's not forget the buzz around ConcernedApe's next big project, Haunted Chocolatier. While we eagerly await more news on that front, update 1.6 will surely keep our farming hands full and our hearts content.