Stan’s NoTubes DART Plug Tool Delivers Cheap, Light and Packable Tubeless Tire Repair

Tire plugs have been around for ages, but in recent years, thanks to adoption of tubeless tires, they’ve rapidly grown in popularity. Stan’s NoTubes has developed a new product it dubs DART (Dual Action Repair for Tubeless) that promises to seal bigger holes and cuts than other plugs on the market.

Traditional tire plugs are gooey pieces of thread that are inserted into the puncture to seal the hole. Pretty basic stuff.

DART changes the formula a bit by introducing a piece of flat fabric in place of the thread that is inserted into the damaged tire. It’s more like a tiny rag. According to Stan’s NoTubes, DART provides a scaffold that is easier to seal and incorporates a chemical that reacts with the sealant to actively plug the hole. Stan’s says DART will stay in place better than traditional plugs and it doesn’t require any trimming.

Stan’s NoTube DART Plug Tool

Stan’s NoTubes also developed a new tool to accompany its new plugs. The carbon-reinforced plastic construction of the NoTubes DART tool doesn’t look spectacular, but it has a claimed weight of just 15g and comes in a compact, very packable tool size.

The tool is dual-sided, so two plugs are always at the ready, and a built-in depth gauge ensures the DART plug is inserted to the proper depth. DART will work on road, cyclocross, gravel and MTB tires.

Retail price for the DART tool kit is $25; five-pack refills will cost $20 with global availability starting in late October.

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