Standert Triebwerk DISC LTD Edition III

Standert Triebwerk DISC LTD Edition III

Columbus tubing, disc brakes and a beautiful retro paint job, there’s not much to dislike about Standert’s new Triebwerk. I think this one is just screaming for a chrome cockpit. Head over to Standert to order.

Real road cycling will be back again.

And our steel road bike Triebwerk Disc is already back.

But what’s real? 

Emotions are real. Endorphins are real. Views are real. Sweat is real. Climbs are real. Descents are real. Wind is real. Bonking is real. Getting dropped is real. Improving is real. Dropping others is real. Coffee rides are real. Outside is real.

The new Triebwerk Disc is real. The second generation of our steel road bike with disc brakes continues what the first generation started. Bringing the best of both worlds to you. Modern technology and classy aesthetics. Our selected Columbus steel tubing is light and durable and offers the best performance while not cutting on the superior ride feel.