Stages LR Dual-Sided Power Meter

Colorado-based Stages kicked off the affordable power meter market five years ago when it brought out its single-sided power meter. For the most part a single-leg meters are more than adequate for most riders, but Team Sky asked for a dual-sided meter to add depth to their analytics from training and racing Stages got to work.

The new dual-sided meter has been tested thoroughly by Team Sky, Chris Froome won the 2015 Tour de France on an early production model.  When Sergio Henao fractured a kneecap in a training accident during the 2014 Tour De Suisse, the dual-sided meter allowed Henao and team physiologists to optimize his recovery by analyzing right vs. left leg data.

Like other power meters from Stages, the new LR features +/- 2-percent accuracy at 100w/ 90rpm. It has Ant+ and Bluetooth compatibility, allowing it to be paired with the Stages Dash head unit and most others on the market. The new power meter retains active temperature compensation to ensure consistency and has an IPX7 water resistance rating and battery life of 175+ hours from an user-replaceable 2032 coin battery. Stages LR adds just 35g to the crank weight.

The new Stages LR will initially be offered in two models, on both Dura Ace 9100 ($1299) and Ultegra 8000 ($999), with crank-sets becoming available in fall of ’17. Additional models to follow.