Speedvagen's Anniversary SSCX Cyclocross Bike

Speedvagen's Anniversary SSCX Cyclocross Bike

I remember seeing a Speedvagen  VX07 back in 2008 and thinking the olive drab paint and the way they routed the rear brake cable through the integrated seat post was supremely awesome. It was such an awesome minimalist bike with thoughtful design details that really set it apart.

To commemorate the VX07 Single Speed CX bike, Speedvagen is releasing an Anniversary Edition that holds onto everything that made the original great with some more modern components.  Only 11 bikes will  be produced demanding $7495.95 a piece. They strictly specify that no paint or part changes are allowed.

Speedvagen started with a cross bike, so it should be no surprise that cyclocross is still our favorite of all disciplines. Maybe that’s because the culture of cross (camaraderie, celebration and racing your guts out, 100%) matches our values so closely.

Much of Speedvagen’s distinct aesthetic comes from lots of head scratching about how a cross machine could be better.  The details run deep and they’re all there for a reason. If they made the cut, it’s because they make the bike faster, or better for shouldering, or to solve the ages old canti brake issues. If not, they’re gone.

Much like our original VX07 Single Speed CX bike, the Anniversary Edition has all of the innovations that the brand cut its teeth on, but with a twist. Modern components and 10 more years of experience building bicycles and the knowledge and craft that comes with it.