Silk Road Race Leader, James Hayden, Victim of Attempted Horseback Robbery

They don’t call it adventure cycling for no reason. James Hayden escapes attempted robbery while racing Silk Road Race

Silk Road Mountain Race leader James Hayden is considering whether to continue on with the race in the wake of being a victim of an attempted robbery by two men on horseback. Taking place in Kyrgyzstan, the Silk Road Mountain Race is a self-supported, fixed-route race of 1,700km mainly off-road.

The ultra-endurance athlete took to Twitter to disclose that he had managed to escape an attempted robbery while racing across the Kadzi-Saz area of Kyrgyzstan.

The former Transcontinental champion is leading the multi-day endurance race by 100km but is now considering whether or not to consider, no update on twitter as of yet.