Silca Introduces Viaggio Bluetooth Travel Pump

Silca Introduces Viaggio Bluetooth Travel Pump

Silca just announced its latest release, a travel pump called  Viaggio. The pump does all the standard stuff you’d expect from a travel pump; collapses for easy storage inside its handsome travel case. Plus, it boasts an electronic pressure sensor that sends its readings to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This might initially sound a little silly. Travel pumps are a bit niche to begin with, how many people need a Bluetooth pressure gauge?

Honestly, having traveled with my bike (and pump) quite a bit over the years, the idea of a pump that offers accurate pressure gauging without a large dial hanging off it sounds great. On more than one occasion I’ve (bag handlers) smashed a guage and thus, destroyed the pump in transit.

Whatsmore, the Viaggio’s digital gauge is very accurate  (+/- 0.5psi, claimed) and legible in any light thanks to the large visuals running on your smartphone.

Other features on the Viaggio include a full sized removable aluminum handle, fold-out feet for stability, a separate hose with Silca’s Hiro locking chuck, and Silca’s trademark leather plunger and brass check valve. As for that handsome travel bag, the Viaggio comes in a fancy waxed canvas bag, which has room for other assembly/disassembly tools.

Silca’s Viaggio isn’t cheap at $275 but if travel often with your bike it might be a godsend.