Silca Breaks Ground with 3D-Printed Titanium Derailleur Hangers

Silca Breaks Ground with 3D-Printed Titanium Derailleur Hangers

Innovation is the key to enhancing performance and ensuring durability. Silca, a brand synonymous with pioneering advancements in the cycling sphere, has once again raised the bar with its latest offering: the 3D-printed Titanium Derailleur Hangers. But the question that arises is, are they worth the splurge?

Silca’s Tryst with Titanium

Over recent years, Silca has been steadily introducing a range of 3D-printed titanium products, carving a niche in the market with its high-tech offerings. While a titanium bottle opener might not be everyone’s first choice given its price point, the brand’s consistent focus on utilizing this technology in the bicycle industry is indeed noteworthy. The spotlight now is on their newly launched 3D-printed titanium derailleur hangers.

Why Titanium?

Silca asserts that these titanium hangers stand tall, outperforming the conventional aluminum hangers in terms of strength and stiffness. This superior build not only promises enhanced shifting performance but also offers remarkable durability.

In the fast-paced world of modern electronic derailleurs, the speed and force of shifting have significantly increased. Traditional hangers, generally made from low-grade aluminum, tend to flex up to 4 degrees during a shift, which can result in slower and less precise shifting.

The Technological Edge

Harnessing the potential of advanced 3D modeling coupled with AI-generated structural infill, Silca has crafted hangers that are 5-7 times stiffer than their aluminum counterparts. This not only facilitates faster and more accurate shifting but also reduces the weight by 2-6 grams depending on the model, thus promising a lightweight solution without compromising on strength.

Safety and Compatibility

Safety comes first with Silca’s titanium hangers. They are designed with an internal fracture notch that strategically allows the hanger to bend and fracture below the point of damage, effectively eliminating the risk of frame damage even under severe impacts.

Moreover, these hangers boast compatibility with a wide range of popular road and MTB models and brands, including SRAM UDH compatible hangers, ensuring that they cater to a broad spectrum of cycling enthusiasts.

Pricing and Availability

While the innovation and technology behind these hangers are indeed impressive, they come with a price tag to match. The Silca Titanium Derailleur Hangers are priced between $85 and $95 USD, a cost that might seem steep to some. However, for those willing to invest in enhancing their cycling performance, this could be a worthy addition to their gear. These hangers are currently available for purchase on the official Silca website. Available now from