Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship Launches First-Ever Gravel-Bike Fundraiser: Win a Cervélo Aspero-5 and Support Connected Communities Project

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS), the renowned organization behind the popular “5 Bucks a Foot” fundraiser, is back with an exciting new campaign. This time, it’s all about gravel-bike enthusiasts, with proceeds dedicated to supporting the visionary Connected Communities Project and its vital mission to rejuvenate rural mountain communities using trails.

The latest iteration of the “5 Bucks A Foot” fundraiser presents an incredible opportunity for one fortunate winner to ride away on a top-of-the-line, full-carbon Cervélo Aspero-5 gravel bike, valued at a whopping $7,500. As always, each $5 donation, which corresponds to the average cost of building a foot of trail, equals one entry. The more feet you fund, the greater your chances of taking home this magnificent Áspero-5.

The campaign will conclude at 9 a.m. on June 4, with the winner choosing their preferred frame size from the available options: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, or 61. The Cervélo Áspero-5 is the ultimate bike for exploring the expansive network of backcountry gravel roads that make up the Lost Sierra region, the home of SBTS. This bike has been designed for ruggedness, versatility, and speed, with an aerodynamic edge for those open-valley wind battles.

The Connected Communities Project, a collaborative initiative with the U.S. Forest Service and community partners, focuses on using trails as a stimulus for economic revitalization. The project aims to link 15 mountain towns through a signature multi-use route, composed of existing and new trails. This path will guide trail users directly into rural communities, aiding local businesses. The Connected Communities Project also aims to diversify regional recreation by creating A Trail For Everyone, as well as assisting fire recovery and prevention efforts through fuels reduction and vegetation management practices.

The “5 Bucks A Foot” campaigns are instrumental in supporting the Connected Communities Project. Over the past decade, these initiatives have helped SBTS to create “#dirtmagic” in northern California’s Lost Sierra region, raising nearly $1 million for trails. This funding supports the construction of new trails, maintenance of existing trails, and, ultimately, the long-term economic stability of the Lost Sierra through recreation, job creation, and conservation.

For more details on the fundraiser and the chance to take home the dazzling Cervélo Aspero-5, check out the campaign here. Join the movement, support a worthwhile cause, and you might just ride off into the Lost Sierra sunset on a brand new gravel bike.





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