Seiko Unveils New Prospex Divers: A Nod to the 1965 Classic

Explore the latest update to Seiko's Prospex dive watches, inspired by the iconic 1965 model, featuring advanced technology and enhanced design.

Seiko Unveils New Prospex Divers: A Nod to the 1965 Classic

Since Seiko introduced Japan's first diver's watch in 1965, the brand has solidified its position as a pioneer in the dive watch market, creating favorites like the SKX, Turtle, and Samurai. In 2020, Seiko paid homage to its roots with the 62MAS-inspired Prospex divers, such as the well-received SPB143, offering exceptional value and performance for under $2,000. Fast forward to 2024, and Seiko is once again stirring the waters with three new additions to this esteemed lineage: the SPB451, SPB453, and the 100th-anniversary special edition SPB455.

These newcomers have received several upgrades making them leaner, more functional, and aesthetically refined compared to their predecessors. Here’s a dive into what sets these latest models apart:

Compact and Comfortable: The 2024 models have slimmed down to a more wearable size, with 40mm cases and a reduced lug-to-lug measurement, promising a better fit on a wider range of wrists. This design tweak not only enhances comfort but also pays closer homage to the compact dimensions that vintage watch enthusiasts admire.

Deeper and Durable: While the previous models were already suitable for most diving adventures with a 200m rating, Seiko has pushed the envelope by extending the water resistance to 300m. This improvement comes without any compromise on the watch's slim profile, thanks to a reengineered caseback.

Precision Power: Seiko has swapped out the 6R35 movement for the newer 6R55, found in some King Seiko models. This upgrade offers a slightly longer power reserve of 72 hours and embodies a step-up in refinement and reliability, ensuring that timekeeping remains precise whether undersea or on land.

Date Debate: A notable change is the relocation of the date window to the 4:30 position, a move that has sparked discussion among enthusiasts. While this adjustment has been made to increase the dial's LumiBrite real estate for improved visibility in dark conditions, the 4:30 date window placement has its critics and fans.

Special Edition Straps: The SPB455 not only celebrates Seiko's 100th anniversary with gold-toned dial accents but also includes an additional strap crafted from recycled plastic bottles, showcasing Seiko's commitment to both heritage and environmental sustainability.

Living Side by Side: For those still enamored with the previous generation, there's good news. Seiko has confirmed that the older models, including the beloved SPB143, will continue to be available, offering fans a choice between classic and contemporary Prospex divers.

Set to launch in June, the blue and black dial versions will be priced at $1,300, with the anniversary special edition slightly higher at $1,400. These updates affirm Seiko's ongoing dedication to innovation, quality, and respect for its diver's watch legacy. Whether you're a diver, a collector, or simply a fan of Seiko's craftsmanship, these new Prospex models promise to offer something exciting for everyone, blending tradition with modern advancements in watchmaking.

Three days of power and 300 meters of water resistance. A signature Prospex diver’s watch evolves with enhanced specifications.
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